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Traditional meets modern at Sahara, Edmonton’s exquisite Lebanese Restaurant offers an array of Lebanon’s finest cuisine. When you join us for dinner, expect it to be a relaxing evening lasting a couple of hours over several  mezza’s (courses). We can guarantee that your table will come alive when we present Lebanese Food variety of large offerings on platters within easy reach of all in Edmonton. The ambiance is one of pure charm, combined with an air of luxury and elegance. The Lebanese restaurant’s rich decor and flavors will take you to a new world of authenticity, relaxation, and entertainment. Sahara Palace is an Edmonton fine dining Restaurant. Sit back and luxuriate in Sahara where we can promise to surprise and please your every taste bud.

Sahara Palace Live Entertainment

Here at Sahara Palace we can accommodate up to 200 guests in our entertainment dining room and seat up to 100 guests in our private lounge. Sahara Palace specializes in making any event special with our very own variation of Set Menu’s and Buffet Menu’s. The Catering menu is available as well.  Sahara Palace is also active for Event Venues in Edmonton, so book your receptions, birthdays, weddings, business seminars, graduation parties and more!

The Lebanese have mastered the art of celebration with the ability to not only have occasional private events but treat every weekend like an important festivity. Our live entertainment and belly dancing program every Saturday (10:30 pm) is becoming the number one in Edmonton. Our musician sets the mood and takes you on a journey into old time and modern Lebanon with songs from all generations. That’s not all… Sit back and embrace the art of music from all around the world such as Italy, France, Spain, and the local music.